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The Unconventional Coach

​​Are you ready to start living authentically?  To ditch the excuses and commit to seeing the changes you’ve always talked about but never achieved?  


It's never too late to live the life you have always wanted - you may feel you have missed the boat, that you are too old, maybe even too young, that you don't look the part or are not even sure what you really want - well I'm here to tell you, if you're commited, you can still succeed, despite any odds you feel are stacked against you.


Whether you are looking to change your career; or want to improve your financial situation; your health or your relationships, coaching will equip you so that you are in the best position for success.  And not just success that lasts a few weeks, or months, but becomes a way of life for you.  The kind of success that is life changing.  As L'Oreal would say 'You're worth it'; the question is 'Do you believe you are?'

In theory, change seems so easy; put new steps into place and see the result you want…right? Sadly no...


The problem is often so much deeper and we can feel  hindered by seemingly insurmountable obstacles:

  • Is your self-worth taking a beating by that inner critic in your head that is consistently negative?  Check out my:

  • Do you aspire to do something different in your career but the thought of rejection or failure prevent you from even taking that first step?

  • Does a lack of confidence mean you often feel like you're selling yourself short?  Or maybe you're putting up with 'stuff' that you really shouldn't have to?

  • Do you feel anxious around others?  Constantly comparing yourself or feeling inadequate, maybe even a case of imposter syndrome....

  • Does your self talk tell you there's no point trying, you're not good enough?

  • Maybe you simply lack discipline?  

  • Perhaps you find yourself behaving in ways you really aren't proud of just to fit in or feel accepted?

  • Are you finances keeping you awake at night?

  • Is your lifestyle taking a toll on your health and body image?

It can be so tiring to keep ‘trying’ to change and never seeing any real tangible difference.  

‘On the other side of your fear is your destiny’

We only get one shot at life, so ask yourself this:


When you come to the end of your days do you want to look back on your life and regret that you never really lived it?  Or do you want to know that you lived your life to the full? 

I want every single one of my clients to reach their full potential in life…knowing they have used every gift, talent and opportunity that came their way.


Contact Me

To commit to coaching is a big step I know, daunting even, so let’s have a chat first – there’s absolutely no obligation to agree to coaching, it’s just an opportunity for you to ask questions and to see if there’s the right chemistry for us to work together…what have you got to lose?  And to ensure that coaching is the best way forward for you I offer a free 45 minute discovery session.


Maybe you aren't even ready for a chat yet, but have some questions - feel free to use the form below to ask any questions you might have.


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